Telling your Story with Cinemagraphs


As the digital world continues to grow, it’s difficult to keep up with the innovative and creative technology. The photography blog by Jamie Beck, From Me To You, has a collection of gorgeous photographs ranging from nature to fashion. Jamie is a style icon herself and was recently asked to photograph New York Fashion week at Bryant Park. Jamie’s posts on Fashion week included beautiful still images as well as a series of images with movement. In a recent post, Jamie explains how the images with movement work and coined the term “cinemagraphs.”

Jamie Beck

“We wanted to tell more of a story than a single still frame photograph but didn’t want the high maintenance aspect of a video” - Fast Company

According to the post, cinemagraphs are still images with movement that are created using “still and video equipment and use Adobe After Effects and Photoshop for editing.” Jamie uses  HTML5 instead of Flash when creating cinemagraphs because it is best for sharing on social media and for commercial or website graphics. Jamie states “the layers that HTML5 offers is also exciting and something we are eager to experiment with,” we’re eager for Jamie to experiment with them as well! The result is a beautiful image design with a life-like quality. Cinemagraphs help tell a story similar to the way a video or presentation would but in much simpler terms. The slight movement brings the image to life, whether it is a reflection of a moving car or windblown hair.

Jamie’s post on cinemagraphs discusses the importance of designing for Tumblr users and the differences between Tumblr and standard web design. The blog is full of great tips, interesting images, and inspiring content, check it out here! Good luck to Jamie in 2012 and we look forward to seeing what she produces next!