How Effective is your Social Media Marketing Strategy?


As with traditional marketing best practices, it is important to establish a goal and be able to measure your social media marketing effectiveness.  Breaking down how to measure social media marketing into the following 5 categories, and knowing what to look for from each makes it easier to target your areas of success and adjust the areas that are weak.


  • Social Audience Growth & Reach:  This is the total number of people engaging with your brand in social media channels. Yes, a large following is important but you also want to look for what kind of audience you have. What other communities within social media does your audience engage in? Can you grow your companies following by reaching out to these other communities?
  • Social Media Engagement:  Defined as the number of interactions generated in social media channels. Media engagement tells you whether the content you’re sharing in social media is actually interesting and relevant enough to engage your audience in that dialogue.
  • Visibility & Brand Perception:  This includes all the mentions of your brand in social media channels along with qualitative analysis of whether those mentions are positive, negative, or neutral. Listening to your audience is an essential component of social media marketing. This is your chance to spot opportunities to engage prospects and customers in conversation, share relevant content, or handle customer service issues.
  • Traffic from Social Media:  This is the percentage of unique visitors to your website that arrives through social media channels. Monitor your traffic from social media sources as it rises over time, especially as your social media reach grows. A major goal of social media outreach is to attract visitors to your website where you  can convert them into leads or customers.
  • Conversion Rate from Social Media:  The percentage of visitors from social media that convert into leads or customers. Comparing the percentage of leads or customers you generate through social media versus other channels will help you determine the ROI of your social media outreach.

Measuring your social media marketing is extremely helpful to determine if your social media presence is a success. Ultimately when planning your social media strategy, the key is to interact with your followers from a more human than brand perspective and you’re guaranteed to be better received by your audience.